Guess you want to know a bit about me huh?

Well Hi. My name is Andrea, also known as Negatorrii on Wattpad.

My favorite color is aqua because it’s a color and also the root for water so why not have a double meaning?

I’m extremely invested in so many fandoms it’s not even funny. I have more fandoms then I do friends.

I’m very socially awkward and have little to no patience so bare with me and my cringe while you roam throughout my blog and enjoy my little moments of fangiring and anxiety.

Oh yeah, I may also have some existential crisis’s here and there.

I’m literally the shortest person I know I’m not even kidding it’s sad.

I’m in the middle of an Identity crisis because I don’t know whether or not I’m an Aries or a Pisces with the new thirteenth zodiac sign somebody help me.

I’m very outgoing once you start talking to me so don’t be shy ^-^