Hi there welcome to awkwardville how may I help you?

Just like the title says, I’m going to be extremely awkward right now. So instead of awkward silence, why not talk about the newest episode of TWD from last Sunday. Anyone else really hyped for tonight’s?

Welp, I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that Rick is insane or is on the edge of being insane. It’s either that or he knows something that we don’t.

And as for someone who hasn’t read the comics, I am extremely frustrated.

Anyone else excited to see the one and only Coral Grimes? I hope they have more Carl scenes than last episode, if not I will be one very angry short person.

It feels weird not posting a chapter tonight but this has been a needed break and I’m honestly the most relaxed I’ve been for a while now. But I am extremely excited to begin writing again because this is going to be a big chapter and I can already feel the writer’s block kick in just thinking about it.

I do not regret making this blog. I can just imagine the random stuff I’m going to be talking about on here XD

Welp, Let’s just sign off how I usually do.

Hope you enjoyed…..Reading my random post?

As always, have a great day,


Your Awkward Author,



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